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Effectiveness of commercial forestry policy in contributing to the promotion of sustainable household income in Northern

Uganda Gilbert Uwonda1, Geoffrey Bedijo

1Department of Economics and Statistics, Gulu University

2Department of Accounting and Finance, Gulu University

Corresponding author Email : 

Accepted 02 September 2013



This study aimed at examining the effectiveness of commercial forestry policy in contributing to the promotion of sustainable household income and analysing the factors that affect implementation of the current Commercial Forestry Policy in Northern Uganda.  Although Commercial Forestry Policy and supportive laws exist for the development of commercial forestry, which together with other socio-economic activities, mainly agriculture, could improve socio-economic conditions of households in this area with vast arable land, the population has remained largely poor with most of the land unutilised.  A cross-sectional survey design was used. Questionnaires and key informant interviews were employed to collect data from opinion leaders at the local community level, local government leaders and personnel, private tree farmers, National Forestry Authority staff, Non Governmental Organisations’ staff involved in forestry activities and forest produce entrepreneurs. The data was analysed by measuring the frequencies of occurrence of sets of responses and Pearson’s correlation analysis The findings revealed that commercial forestry is effective in contributing to the promotion of sustainable household income but there has been, inadequate public awareness, lack of seeds/planting stocks and funds The study recommended that continuous awareness creation be conducted and assistance in terms of inputs be extended to this community to encourage commercial forestry and improve household income 

Keywords: Commercial forestry, sustainable household income, Northern Uganda

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