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Service Learning and Social Entrepreneurship: Emerging Perspectives in Community Engagement and Sustainable Development in Nigeria 

Dugguh, Stephen Ior-Amo 

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Service Learning Federal University, Kashere-Nigeria

Email: Tel: 08036576506 

Accepted 07 June 2013



Several activities have been advanced in recent times to improve the quality of life of people by developing their communities. Institutions of learning, youths and experts are expected to provide leadership in this direction. The objective of this paper is access Service Learning and Social Entrepreneurship activities as emerging perspectives in community engagement and sustainable development in Nigeria. The paper reviews relevant literature on service learning, social entrepreneurship, community engagement and sustainable development. The paper found that while service learning is already practiced in the developed countries in Africa and indeed Nigeria have not fixed the concept into the academic curricula. The concept Is an emerging one. The paper further suggests among others that service learning should be introduced in Nigerian Universities. The paper contributes to knowledge by drawing a theoretical link between service and social entrepreneurship as strategies for community engagement and sustainable development. 

Keywords: Community Development, Community Engagement, Reflection, Service Learning, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development

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