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October 2013 Vol. 2(10), pp. 211-220
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Diagnoses of coronary artery diseases using 64-Slice computed tomography angiography

Mohamed Yousef1, Caroline Edward Ayad2*, Bushra Hussein Ahmed3, Elsafi Ahmed Abdalla2 and Samih Awad Kajoak4

1College of Applied Medical Sciences, Radiology Department Technology, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia.
2College of Medical Radiologic Science, Sudan University of Science and Technology .P.O. Box 1908, Khartoum, Sudan
3College of Radiologic Technology, the National Ribat University, Khartoum Sudan
4College of Applied Medical Sciences, Diagnostic Radiology Department, Hail University, Saudi Arabia.

*Corresponding Author E-mail:; Tel: +249922044764

Accepted 27 September, 2013


Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the important cause of death in the world. The aim of the study was to determine the diagnostic role of 64 multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) in the detection of (CAD). A total of 31 patients (22 Males, 9 Females), their mean age is 49.4±12.2 years old ranged from (29-83 years) suspected to have coronary artery disease undergoing MSCT angiography were included. Gated coronary, Post-processing techniques were carried out to assess the presence of coronary artery disease. CAD was present in coronary artery in 16 patients (51%). All right coronary artery, second diagonal branch, first Marginal branch, Left anterior descending, circumflex and first diagonal branch were affected, with maximum calcified plaques act 35.7%, non-calcified plaques 41.7%, mixed plaques 66.6%, diffuse disease 23% and stenosis 33.3%. In Cardiac Structure Morphology changes were seen in (50%) of the patients. The average coronary artery calcification score (CAC) was 266.9 Agatston ranged from 0-1552. (44%) of the patients had an Agatston score ≤ 10, (31%) ≤ 400 and (19%) ≤ 1000 and (6%) ≥ 1000 Agatston. CAC is significant at P values 0.05 and 0.01 in the presence of stenosis, diffused diseases, mixed plaques and calcified plaques. The correlation is not significant between the morphological changes detected and the calcium score values, the presence of stenosis and diffused diseases. The study corroborates that 64-slice MSCT is a reliable, non-invasive, appropriate tool for diagnosing patients with CAD.

Keywords: Coronary artery stenosis, plaques, Computed tomography, Coronary angiography.


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