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November 2013 Vol. 2(11), pp. 229-230
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Short Communication

Dermatoglyphics loop pattern frequency and percentage on the toes of Nigerian in Hausa ethnic groups

Abue D. Andrew1*, Ibeabuchi, M2 and Didia, B.C3

1Department of Anatomical Science, University of Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria
2Department of Anatomy, College of medicine university of Lagos
3Department of Anatomy College of health sciences university of Port-Harcourt

*Corresponding Author E-Mail:

Accepted 21 July, 2013


The Hausa ethnic group is in the northern part of Nigeria. Studies into their dermatoglyphic pattern are limited. The loop is a dermatoglyphic pattern with a tri radius. Penrose and loesch (1969) stated that loops are classified according to the region iin which they lie and also by the direction of their cores which may be peripheral or central. 222 males and 135 females’ samples using the ink procedure were used for the research, all of the Hausa ethnic group of Nigeria. it was reserved that the toes. The loops were most abundant in the Hallucal region in both sexes and both feet. Loop patterns on the toes were greatest in the females (44.4%) on the left foot toes. They were least distributed on the little toe in males (9.0%). They were also predominantly distributed on the left middle toes in females. They are more loops on the left hallux of the females in the Hausa ethnic group of Nigeria.

Keywords: Cores, Hallux, Loops, Nigeria, Toes.

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