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November 2017 Vol. 6(11), pp. 271-284
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Risk management in the Hospital: Application of the method FMECA in a university laboratory of Pathological anatomy and cytology (PAC)

Youssef El Hani*1, Najat Mahassini2, Leila Radi3 and Abdelkarim Filali-Maltouf1

1Laboratory of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University Mohammed V- Agdal, 4 Avenue Ibn Batouta, B.P. 1014 RP, 10100, Rabat, Morocco.
2Faculty of Médecine and Pharmacy of Rabat, University Mohammed V-Souissi, Av. Mohamed Belarbi El Alaoui, B.P. 6203 Rabat, Morocco.
3International Quality Control Corporation (IQCC), PO Box 3719, Mount Vernon New York 10553, USA.

*Corresponding Author E-mail:

Accepted 18 October, 2017


Our study represents a first approach in Morocco, it meets a regulatory requirement relating to the Order of the Moroccan Minister of Health No. 2598-10 of 27 Ramadan 1431 (7 September 2010) concerning GBEA (Guide to Good Execution of Analyzes): Setting preventive measures to be put in place in analytical laboratories, where workers are likely to be exposed to pathogenic chemical or biological agents. The FMECA method allowed us to identify the criticalities of all possible risk situations at the PAC laboratory. This approach complements work established on the same site in relation to chemical risk management. The purpose of the first work was to outline the need for a comprehensive process to risk management. The work performed has, on the one hand, made it possible to identify risk situations, their effect and their criticality. And on the other hands the risk hierarchy as well as the analysis of the potential causes for each mode of failure, and in the same way we identified the consequences of each failure. The results obtained highlighted the impact of risk situations on the health and safety of professionals. The identified risks relate respectively to: - Architecture and general organization, - Disinfection and maintenance, - Elimination of DASRI, - The routing of biological samples, - The treatment of samples in technical room, - Respiratory transmission in the technical room, - Transmission through the digestive tract in a technical room, - Transmission through muco-cutaneous tract in the technical room, - Information, Training and medical follow-up, - Chemical and physico-chemical risks. It was found that the FMECA is a simple process, our experience allows us to say that it is a tool adapted to the hospitable organization, the thing that incites to use it on another site in a perspective of developing a general risk mapping of the hospital environment concerned. And at the same time to make some recommendations that are in accordance with the advances of BERWICK and in particular: to make simple, to do it as a team, to measure with objectivism, to start as soon as possible, to simplify the methodology, especially to stop complaining.

Keywords: Risk management, FMECA, Risk management in the Hospital



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