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December 2015 Special Issue Vol. 4(12), pp. 514-519
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Case Report

Balo’s Concentric Sclerosis in a Young Female Patient: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Gabriela Mihailescu1,2*, Dan Andrei Mitrea1, Ana-Maria Vladila1, Sanda Maria Nica1,2, Emilia Diaconu3, Cristina Baetu1,2 and Ioan Buraga1,2

1Department of Neurology - Colentina Clinical Hospital - Bucharest, Romania
2Carol Davila University of Medicine - Bucharest, Romania
3Department of Diagnostic Imaging - Regina Maria Clinic - Bucharest, Romania

*Corresponding Author  E-mail:; Telephone: +40722930892; Fax: +40 21 3205250

Accepted 26 December, 2015


Balo concentric sclerosis (BCS) is a rare disease considered as a variant of multiple sclerosis (MS) with a clinical presentation similar to tumefactive MS or Marburg disease. Pathologically it is characterized by concentric demyelinating lesions, consisting of layers of preserved and destroyed myelin arranged in a ring-like shape. We present the case of 29 years old female that developed acute neurological deficits consisting of dysesthesia and paresthesias localized in the right half of the face and right limbs for which the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using contrast substance revealed multiple lesions with T2 hyper- and isointense concentric whorled lesions, which are better emphasized on the T1 sequences. The patient received acute treatment with corticosteroids, with good clinical remission and was recommended to start disease modifying therapy (DMT) with interferon beta-1a for clinical stability with good evolution.

Keywords: Balo concentric sclerosis, demyelinating disease, tumefactive multiple sclerosis, Marburg disease

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