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Dental Anxiety among Sudanese Patients

Howaida Abd Al-muniem, Ahmed khairy, Sammar Bahababekir, Baha Eldein Kobar, El-Shaima Abdel-Rahman Y. El-Zak, Amena Abdullah Ibrahem, Marwa Adil Othman and Zainab Youssif Makkawi

National Ribat University

*Corresponding  Author  E-mail:

Accepted 14 December, 2017


Despite advances in dentistry, anxiety about dental treatment and the fear of pain remains widespread among patients and is a significant barrier to dental treatment. This study would therefore provide information so as to minimize levels of anxiety and aid in planning stress-free treatment. The cross sectional study utilizing a self-reported questionnaire based on Modified Corah's Dental Anxiety Scale (MDAS) framed in Arabic (local language) was performed on 500 patients (aged 8-90 years). All questionnaires were returned (response rate - 100%). The prevalence of anxiety was seen mostly higher in the <20-year age group by (68.8%). Anxiety was also seen to be significantly higher in females (71.2%) than in males. Patients anxious about dental procedures are often more difficult to treat. Anxious patients should be identified and managed appropriately by behavioral/pharmacological measures.

Keywords: Dental fear, anxiety, and phobia, dental feeling



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