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December 2017 Special Issue Vol. 6(12), pp. 336-340
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Measurement of Normal Portal Vein Diameter in Sudanese using Ultrasonography

Awadia Gareeballah1*, Ikhlas Abdelaziz Hassan2, Maisa Elzaki1, Sura Salah Ibraheem3, Babiker Abelwahab2             Afraa Siddig2 and Salah Ali2

1Faculty of Radiology Science and Medical Imaging, Alzaiem Alazhari University, P.O Box 1432, Khartoum North Sudan.
2Sudan University of Science and Technology.
3National Ribat University.

*Corresponding Author E-mail: 

Accepted 27 November, 2017 


Ultrasonography  is a valuable tool in the assessment of porto-systemic pathologies. This was descriptive cross sectional study conducted in Alpolice hospital in Khartoum in the periods from June to August 2017. The problem of study was that there are many different pathological conditions affect the portal vein diameter and ultrasound able to determine normal and abnormal measurement of portal vein. The aim of this study was to measure of normal main portal vein diameter in Sudanese by real time sonography and to correlate measurement with other body parameter. The sampling includes 122 patients came to area of study for other scanning purpose rather than liver or portal vein pathologies or any diseases that can affect on portal vein diameter 63 female and 59 male age range (11-85) year. Sonoline G60s machine with 3.5MHZ sector curvilinear transducer probe was used. Measurements of main portal vein diameter was taken in quiet respiration at the liver hilum before bifurcation, the diameter was taken inner to inner. The age categorized into five groups. Descriptive statistics used to analyze quantitative and qualitative variables (percent and means ± SD). Person correlations test was used to find correlation between mean main portal vein diameter and age, height, weight, body mass index of the patients. The study found that the mean main portal vein diameter (PVD) in Sudanese population was 10.73±1.47 mm, the mean in age group (10- 15) years was 9.43±1.27 mm, in (16- 30) years was 10.52 ±1.27 mm, in (31-45) years was 11.21±1.45 mm, in (46-60) was 11.19 ±1.20 mm, in (61-75) years was 10.20 ± 1.66 mm and in (76-85)years was 8.45 ±2.47 mm. The mean PVD for male was 11.11 ±1.38 mm which is slightly more than the diameter for female which was 10.38±1.48 mm. The study found that there was no significant correlation between portal vein diameters with age, body mass index and there was significant positive correlation between portal vein diameter height and weight.

Keywords: PVD, Ultrasonography, Quiet respiration



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