Global Advanced Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Science (ISSN: 2315-5159)
April 2012 Vol. 1(1), pp. 005-007
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Case Report


Acute Bilateral calf compartment syndrome in young lady following alcoholic binge– An Interesting case report 

Usha Gowri Goru1* and Poornanand Goru2

1King George’s Hospital,Goodmayes ,Ilford, Essex, UK.
2Great Ormond Street Hospital, holborn, UK.

Accepted 02 March, 2012


A fit 41 year old female presented with unbearable bilateral calf pains and passing coca-cola coloured urine after an alcohol binge. She subsequently developed rhabdomyolysis causing critical illness which subsequently ended up needing urgent surgical intervention and some damage to the muscles and neurovascular integrity permanently. She was promptly diagnosed as Calf Compartment Syndrome. Although Leg pain is the common presentation to the accident and emergency, bilateral calf compartment syndrome is rare cause of bilateral calf pain. A well documented condition in young athletes, but rarely reported as alcohol induced. We describe the presentation and evaluation of the condition, along with the review of the Literature. Early recognition and prompt treatment is essential to prevent complications.

Keywords: Compartment syndrome, Rhabdomyolysis

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