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February 2013 Vol. 2(2), pp. 041-046
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Epidemiological studies, molecular diagnosis of anaplasma marginale in cattle and biochemical changes associated with it in Kaliobia Governorate

Mervat E.I.Radwan1*, Abdel Fatah Ali2 and Omnea Abd el Hamied3

1Department of veterinary medicine, Veterinary Hospital  Benha University.
2Department of clinical pathology, Veterinary Hospital  Benha University.
3Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of veterinary medicine, Benha University.

*Corresponding author E-mail:

Accepted 19 February, 2013


This investigation is performed on 100 cattle in Kaliobia governorate Egypt aged from 1- 6years. severity of illness  increase with age , these animals suffered from fever (41°C) enlargement lymph node and drop in milk yield emaciation in progressive stages , cattle producers first notice the anemic anaplasmosis – infected animal when it becomes weak and lag behind the herd  when these animals were subjected to microscopic examination the degree of parasitaema was recorded as  the percentage of infected red blood cells in each blood smear 100 microscopic field wear examined  .We report the detection of anaplasma marginale  by PCR in blood samples obtained from cattle supposed to be infected. The assay employs primers specific for the gene encoding anaplasma marginale specific PCR using primers derived from msp5 gene .The PCR products for 26 positive samples were subjected to sequence (Labtechnology, Egypt) and BLAST analysis was used for identification of the genomic DNA of these parasites. Changes associated with anaplasma marginale in these cattle particular emphasis to the oxidative stress the reduce TAC level may reflect a decrease in antioxidant capacity. RBcs count, PCV% and Hb concentration showed significant decrease in infected animals. Blood collected from all animals on EDTA to microscopic examination and PCR to determine type of anaplasma.

Keywords: PCR.Sequance, Anaplasma margenale, antioxidant and CBC

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