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February 2014 Vol. 3(2), pp. 044-046
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Plasma volume decreases in obese adolescents: An important performance limiting factor during supramaximal exercise

Jabbour G* and Iancu HD

School of Kinesiology and Leisure, Faculty of Health Sciences and Community Services, Université de Moncton, New Brunswick, E1A 3E9, Canada.

*Corresponding Author E-mail:;  Phone number: (506) 858-4165; Fax number: (506) 858-4308

Accepted 24 February, 2014


This work examines the relationship between plasma volume variation and performance measured during supramaximal exercise among adolescents with different body weight statuses. Sixteen adolescents (normal-weight, over weight and obese) performed an exercise sprint on an ergometer cycle. Following exercise, plasma volume decreased significantly in the obese group and was associated with decreases in performance (r =-0.85, p<0.05) compared to the overweight and normal-weight groups (p<0.01). Our results suggest that the decrease in plasma volume that occurs after an exercise sprint test may limit performance during repeated sprint exercise in obese and overweight adolescent boys.

Keywords: Obese, performance, supramaximal exercise, plasma decreases, adolescents, boys.


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