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February 2018, Vol. 7(2), pp. 034-040
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Review Article

Food norms in Penitentiaries from Romania

Adina Mihăilescu

Senior Researcher, Research Institute for Quality of Life, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania.


Accepted 18 February, 2018


National Administration of Penitentiaries in Romania aims to improve the conditions of detention of detainees and improve the overall level of safety, in the spirit of national and international advanced standards in the field. The present study was conducted to this end, at the request of NAP. In order to understand developments that occurred in the NAP system in the past 3-4 decades, the study begins by briefly describing the detention conditions and existing feeding in European prisons before the late l960. The study was conducted with the following research methods: bibliographic documentation on the history and actuality to feed the residents of prisons various countries, focusing on the situation in Romania and other countries; studying regulations on feeding management persons serving sentences of imprisonment in Romania; realization of interviews with residents in prison on detention conditions and to feed the prison; carrying out discussions with specialists from prison on the main difficulties encountered in their specific activity. Calculation by the normative method of the food rules for a private person of freedom.

Keywords: Penitentiary, inmate, social indicators, social reintegration, normative method, food norms.



Adina Mihăilescu (2012). Consumption basket for Romanian population, Expert House Publishing, Bucharest. detinut-si-de-ce-nu-munceste/ intretinerea-unui-detinut_1508824.html intretinerea-unui-detinut_1508824.html intretinerea-unui-detinut_1508824.html or%20de%20detentie%20%28martie%202008%29.pdf arestari/ spatele-gratiilor-618512.html


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