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April 2015 Vol. 4(4), pp. 168-175
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Reversibility of Diabetic Cardiac Changes in Albino Rats by Insulin Glargine Treatment

Nadia Mahmoud Mohamed Al Rouby1* and Raeesa Abdel Tawab Mohamed2

1Anatomy and Histology department, Dubai Medical College, UAE
2Anatomy department, Collage of Medicine, King Saud University, KSA

*Corresponding  Author  E-mail:; Mobile number: 00971-503617646

Accepted 11 December, 2014


Diabetes mellitus (DM), a condition of chronic hyperglycemia, represents one of the greatest concerns to modern global health. DM is a well-recognized cause of cardiomyopathy and left ventricular dysfunction. It is accompanied by impaired antioxidant defenses including nitric oxide (NO). Aim of work was to; (1) evaluate the microscopic changes in the heart of diabetic rats, (2) study the possible reversibility of these diabetic-induced cardiac changes by insulin glargine. Forty male albino rats were divided into; control group, non treated diabetic group and diabetic group treated with insulin glargine. DM was induced by intra-peritoneal alloxan injection. The experiment continued for six weeks. Heart tissues were prepared and stained with H&E, PAS and immunostained against e NOS. Heart tissue of diabetic rats revealed myocardial degeneration, disarray of myocardial fibers, mononuclear cellular infiltration; decreased e NOS immunoexpression in cardiomyocytes as well as endothelial cells and smooth muscles of cardiac blood vessels. Administration of insulin glargine improved these diabetic changes to great extent and increased e NOS immunoexpression. Insulin has to be given as early as possible for insulin dependent diabetics to control diabetic cardiac complications. NO is important for cardiac functions. Insulin has a role in cardiac e NOS expression.

Keywords: Diabetes, rats, heart, insulin glargine, e NOS

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