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May 2012 Vol. 1(4), pp. 085-090
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Financial Impact of HIV/AIDS on clients attending a teaching hospital in Southern Nigeria

Ofonime Effiong Johnson

Department of community health, university of Uyo teaching hospital, Uyo, Nigeria.

E-mail:; Phone Number: 2348023062991

Accepted 23 May, 2012


This study was carried out among clients attending clinic in a teaching hospital in Uyo, southern Nigeria in 2005. The objective was to determine some of the financial implications of living with HIV/AIDS. This was a descriptive study. Data was collected using a structured, interviewer- administered questionnaire and was subsequently analysed using Epi 6 software. A total of 331 respondents participated in the study, with a male: female ratio of 1:1.The age distribution was 15-69 years. Up to 46.6% of respondents were married, with about 11% having more than 4 children. Though the respondents cut across all income groups, 44.7% either had no income or earned less than 5, 000 naira monthly. This could not support their laboratory investigations and treatment. Financial support was available to only 37.8% of them and was higher among those who disclosed their status to many people. Most of the support (80.8%) was from family members. Up to 60.7% of respondents had either borrowed money or sold assets and 56.9% could not afford quality food as before. Further studies will help determine the current trend of the financial impact of living with HIV/AIDS among clients attending clinic in this part of Nigeria.

Keywords: Assets, financial support, household members, income, borrow.

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