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June 2016 Issue Vol. 5(6), pp. 183-187
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Health care outcomes of the various treatment methods of breast cancer in Node-Positive Premenopausal Women with Breast Cancer

Ahmed Saad M. Alghamdi

Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey, Biomedical and Health Sciences, School of Health Related Professions


Accepted 17 June, 2016


Breast cancer is caused by abnormal growth and may be triggered by both internal and external factors. It is more common in women than men. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that younger women are part of the population at risk as they are more vulnerable to this disease due to their attitude towards breast cancer the dense tissue of their breasts. Some of the cancerous growths may occur in the lymph or ducts of the breasts and may be either invasive or non-invasive. The advancement of medical technology has seen a revolution in the treatment methods of breast cancer. While such methods as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery have seen emergence of more effective drugs and equipments, the new innovative methods have also been invented. The use of hormonal therapy and immunotherapy has relatively increased survivorship and disease-freeness among breast cancer victims including premenopausal node-positive women. Similarly, advancement in such conventional methods as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery has seen the combined use of these three methods to effectively treat breast cancer, increase survivorship and improve disease-freeness.

Keywords: Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy



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