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August 2016 Issue Vol. 5(8), pp. 228-236
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Nursing Students’ Experiences of Work Place Violence During Clinical Placements: A Qualitative Study

Rabia Salim Allari PhD, RN

Faculty of Nursing, Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, Saudi Arabia/Riyadh


Accepted 12 August, 2016


Horizontal Violence (HV) is a growing concern among health care Professionals, unfortunately the nursing students are considered as victims of work place violence during their clinical placements. This may lead to negative effect of learning process and may change the students perception about the profession. This study is conducted to explore bullying behaviors experienced by nursing students at one of the female governmental universities in Saudi Arabia, including the sources, types, consequences, and strategies to manage bullying behaviors. A focus groups  qualitative design is utilized, semi structured interviews with a purposively sampled student participants is done. The findings indicate that the manifestation of the violent incidents experienced by students are ignorance and neglect, discouraging and negative criticism, prohibiting learning opportunity, cursing and insults, public humiliation, and had a requests for private phone calls. In conclusion bullying behaviors negatively affect process of learning and the most effective way to reduce the impact of Horizontal violence is to prevent its occurrence. Action plans should be developed in faculties to intervene and to prevent HV. It is also recommended that students are given directions for bullying situations prior to clinical training.

Keywords: Horizontal violence, harassment, bullying, clinical placements, nursing students   


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