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September 2015 Vol. 4(9), pp. 408-413
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Antifungal bioassay of selected medicinal plants of family Brassicaceae against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides L 

Husan Ara1, Tabassum Yaseen2* and Mehwish1

1Department of Botany, AWKUM University of Mardan, Pakistan.
2Department of Botany  Bacha Khan University of Charssada KPK.Pakistan.

*Corresponding Author E-mail:

Accepted 07 September, 2015


The current study evaluated and established the activity of Allium sativum, Allium sepa and Aloe vera barbadensis against fungal specie Rhizopus. The ethanol and aqueous extracts of these plants were tested to establish the antimicrobial activity against Rhizopus which was isolated from bread. The antifungal activity was tested by disc diffusion method.The potato dextrose agar plates were incubated with each fungal culture (10) days old by point inoculation. The filter paper discs (5mm) in diameter impregnated with 100 μgmL-1 concentration of the extract were placed on the on test organisms seeded plates. Ethanol was used to dissolve the extract and was completed evaporated before application on test organisms seeded plates. The activity was determined after incubation at 28 OC for 24 hours. The Diameter of the inhibition zones were measured in mm. The plants showed considerable inhibitory effect ranges from 2.5- 12.6 mm against Rhizopus in case of ethanol extract and from 0.9 -14.4 mm in case of aqueous extract. The highest zone of inhibition was observed in 15% ethanolic extract of root of Aloe vera and the smallest zone of inhibition was detected in 15% ethanolic extract of root of Allium sativum.  Sporulation was also observed in some of the Petri plates. 

Keywords: Antifungal bioassay, Brassicaceae, Rhizopus, Colletotrichum gloeosporioides. 

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