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September 2015 Vol. 4(9), pp. 394-401
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The Evolution of the Concept of Health Services

Şafak Taner1* and Saliha Özpınar2

1Ege University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health 35100 Bornova İzmir Türkiye
2Celal Bayar University, Medical School

*Corresponding Author E-mails:,; Phone: 90 232 390 20 65; Fax: 90 232 388 01 71

Accepted 07 September, 2015


The provision of health services is the answer to the question of the kind of society we want in the future. The concept of health services, which is as old as human history itself, has changed over time depending on social dynamics. Previously, the only way to deal with disease was to let patients die. Demand for health care services began when this idea was replaced by the healing of patients. However, there was no organised provision of health care services until the industrial revolution. Health services gained the status of public goods due to the development of medical technology and the devastating effects of wars. Then, the process of the commodification of health care services began. The transformation of health services into private goods without regard for social benefits is a great danger in the framework of globalisation and neo-liberal policies.

Keywords: history of health service, dynamic of health services, public good, private good, commodity, commodification of health

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