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November 2013 Vol. 2(3), pp. 069-075
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Bifurcation and oscillation in flow reactor of full mixing

Sargsyan GN

Academi of Science of Armenia Institute of Chemical Physics by name of Academician A. B. Nalbandyan,  0044, Yerevan, Parouyr-Sevak st., 5/2.RMENIA


Accepted 14 November, 2013


Experimental results about bifurcation transition of reaction regime from permanent intensified mode to pulsing intensified mode under low temperature oxidation of propane in air are resulted. Reaction is spent in a reactor of full mixing on flow with continuous increase of pressure of reaction environment P = 10 – 160 Torr. Is considered mode of this process as inhibition of process by the excited particles arising at heterogeneous recombination of radicals leading a circuit. It is observed the good consent of experimental and theoretical results (frequency of pulsations).

Keywords: reactor of full mixing in flow, excited particles, pulsation of reaction intensity



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