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March 2013 Vol. 2(2), pp. 026-033
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Full Length Research

Management of credit by rural women in central region of Ghana

Joana Antwi Donkor1*, Modesta Efua Gavor2 and Christina Offei-Ansah2

1Department of Home Economics Education, University of Education, Winneba, P. O. Box 25, Winneba, Ghana.
2Department of Vocational and Technical Education, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast. Ghana.

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail:   

Accepted 8 February 2013


The purpose of the study was to find out how women manage credit in rural district in Ghana and examine the relationship between credit management and age and educational level of women. One hundred and eighty-three respondents were randomly selected from four different groups of women engaged in small scale businesses in rural communities in Ghana. Data was collected with structured interview schedule. The results were analyzed and presented in frequency, percentage; mean, standard deviation, correlation and regression tables. Findings revealed that most of the women sourced credit from informal sources such as friends, family members and credited items from wholesalers. The women lacked proper credit management skills and therefore managed credit sourced in their own informal ways such through daily ‘susu’ contribution, kept sales of various items sold in different containers and records of purchases and sales kept in memory and set money aside for replacing equipment. Also, they managed to honour repayment because it was upon regular payments agreement of credit that more credit was given to keep them in business. Based on the findings, it is recommended that the micro-credit financial institutions and the local government who offer credit to such small scale businesses as well as the universities should organize credit management programmes as part of their community service to train the women on skills in record keeping, savings and the application of principles of credit management especially budgeting in order to effectively manage credit sourced. 

Keywords:  Financial Management, Credit, Credit management, Rural women


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