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March 2013 Vol. 2(2), pp. 021-025
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Social, economic and educational implications of parental separation on upbringing of school children in Ekiti State

Falana Bernard Akinlabi* and Bada Festus Olatunji

Department of Guidance and Counselling, Faculty of Education, Ekiti State University, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail:

Accepted 8 February, 2013


The study investigated the social economic and educational implications of parental separation on upbringing of school children.  The study was a descriptive research design of the survey type. The population was made up of all the adolescents within the age range of 13 – 18 years in Ado-Ekiti Local Government Area.  A sample of 207 and 329 were selected using simple random sampling and multistage sampling technique.  The final sample was chosen using stratified random sampling technique.  A self-designed instrument titled “Divorce and Child Upbringing Scale (DCUS)” was used for collecting data.  The instrument’s face and content validity was ensured by relevant experts. A reliability coefficient of 0.82 was obtained through test retest reliability method.  The 2 hypotheses postulated were tested using chi square (X2).  It was revealed that respondents from rich and poor homes do not differ in their upbringing due to economic status of their separate parents.  Also the educational status of separated parents does not influence their children upbringing. It was recommended that separated parents should be enlightened about who and how to take care of the children so that they don’t suffer emotional deprivation.  Children from separated homes should be allowed to contact both parents without restriction.  Separated parents should seek support and counselling that will enable them receive therapy that will reduce their transference of negative emotions to the children and relations.

Keywords: Social Economic, education, children


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