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April 2013 Vol. 2(3), pp. 039-049
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Against Global Delusion! Perceptions on Legitimacy and Effectiveness of Global Environmental Initiatives in Zaka, Zimbabwe
Archimedes Muzenda

Department of Rural and Urban Planning, University of Zimbabwe P.O.Box MP167 Mt Pleasant, Harare.

E-mail:; Tel +263 773 404 404

Accepted 15 April, 2013


This paper is premised on the notion that local communities tend to reject global environmental initiatives for reasons of legitimacy rather than effectiveness. It explores the perceptions of local communities in Zaka District, Zimbabwe expounding on the legitimacy and effectiveness of Global Environmental Initiatives (GEI). In the evolution of the global environmental discourse, local communities have been labelled as “disdains of GEIs”. Following this, the stereotyping of the local communities as rejecters of GEIs by the international community has been inevitable. The stimulating questions have thus become; what are the nuances of the international community in perceiving the global South’s local communities? In what form and way is the notion of legitimacy a concern by local communities? Are they (local communities) really enemies to GEIs? How can the international-local communities’ relationship be enhanced towards global consensus? To critically examine these questions, a study of local perceptions on GEIs by Zaka communities has been used. This has mapped out several perspectives. Uniquely though, it is observed that local communities treasure GEIs. This call for need to mainstream GEIs in the local institutional frameworks, engaging in international-local relationship strengthening, local institutional capacity building for apprehension of local communities towards global consensus.

Keywords: Local Perceptions, Legitimacy, Effectiveness, Global Environmental Initiatives, Zaka


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