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October 2012 Vol. 1(5), pp. 092-100
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The effect of globalization on Nigerian education

Christian Akani

Political Science Department Ignatius Ajuru University of Education Rivers State Rumuolumeni, Nigeria.


Accepted 21 September, 2012


Globalization has come to denote communication revolution and epistemological advancement. Of much importance is the fast movement of goods and services and economic liberalism. All these have gradually reduced the vast world to a global village. The thrust of this paper therefore is to examine the effect of globalization on Nigerian education. Considering the debauched leadership in the country which has necessitated a scant financial attention to human socialization, Nigerian educational system has become synonymous with mediocrity and backwardness.   The  aftermath  is  that its  recipients  are  not  properly   equipped   to  make   the  needful  contribution   that  would   positively  turn  around  their  immediate  environment. Invariably, this has affected the quality of leadership, deepened social crises and increased the rank of the poor. The paper concludes that Nigeria cannot appropriate the benefits of globalization insofar as its educational system is not constituted to surmount the challenges of globalization.

Keywords: Globalization, Nigerian and education.


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