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December 2016, Vol. 5(2) pp. 027-038,
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A historical review on labour force experience of minority groups in Australia: Case study of Muslims, 1981-2001

Tahmoores Behrouzinia

Ph.D. in Population Studies from University of Adelaide/Australia. Assistant Professor in Kharazmi University/ Tehran-Iran.


Accepted 03 January, 2017


This study has focused on the high and persistent unemployment of Muslim immigrants in the Australian labour force compared with other religious ancestries and total Australian population during the period 1981-2001. It has also distinguished the experiences of men and of women by selected age groups. This paper showed that low level of skill, low proficiency in English, negative role of religion and society in the labour force participation and employment of females, the period that immigrants arrive in host society, and the status of the labour market were the important factors influencing Muslims employment.

Keywords: Australia, Migration, Religion, Muslim, Unemployment, Labour force, Employment, Labour force Participation, Language, Skill.


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