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March 2013 Vol. 2(3), pp. 051-057
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Baluchistan Insurgency: Dynamics and Implications

Asma Mahsood* and Amanullah Khan Miankhel

Department of Political Science, Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan, KPK, Pakistan.

*Corresponding Author E-mail:; Phone: +92-966750122

Accepted 04 April, 2013


Baluchistan-the largest province of Pakistan has remained a bone of contention in the federation ever since the creation of Pakistan. It is argued that this Baluch insurgency is not purely a freedom struggle, though it got its birth with a disputed cession of the princely states of Baluch Sardars to Pakistan. The federation of Pakistan, instead of pacifying the defiant tribal leaders struggled with them by means of force and inculcated the seeds of distrust. The situation further worsened by rising socio-economic miseries of the Baluch people generating a sense of deprivation in the society. Adding fuel to fire was the role of regional and international actors. This paper explores this issue in detail by juxtaposing the research findings from the existing research and highlights the dynamics and implication of this insurgency for Pakistan and the region.

Keywords: Baluchistan, Insurgency, Federation of Pakistan, Great Game, Military intervention.


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