Global Advanced Research Journal of Social Science (GARJSS)
July 2013 Vol. 2(7), pp. 158-162
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Full Length Research Paper

The effect of chunking on long term memory at university students

Lamyaa Yassin Zageer

College of Education, University of Mustansiriyah, Educational and Psychological Sciences Department


Accepted 18 July, 2013


The aim of this research is to identify the impact of “chunking” on long-term memory. For the purpose of investigating that effect the researcher prepared a tool to measure “chunking”, consisting of two lists, each list contains (24) word ,one with complete words and the other with abbreviated ones. The tool were applied on a sample of (60) students which were selected randomly and were divided into two groups. The results showed that the students were more able to retrieve the list of abbreviated words than the group with complete words; the arithmetic mean of the first group was higher than the second group with the complete words. A number of recommendations and suggestions were presented in the light of the results of this research.

Keywords: Memory Skills, Chunking, Long-term Memory.


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