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August 2014 Vol. 3(4), pp. 052-057
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Utilization of library resources for effective research output among post graduate students in Adventist university of Africa

Omotunde Oluwatobi*, Maria Ehioghae, Aluko-Arowolo TK and Ayoola Olusegun Onasote

Department of Information Resources Management, Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Nigeria.

*Corresponding Author E-mail:; Phone: +2347067327037

Accepted 30 August, 2014


Adequate and relevant library resources and services, at the level of postgraduate degrees offered by Nigeria universities should be that which support the intellectual culture of conduction an independent study. Hence, the degree of utilization of library resources for effective research output among postgraduate students of Babcock University becomes critical to understudy. This study made use of the survey research design method. A total enumeration sampling technique was used for the selected sample. A total of 51 respondents made the total sum of the students. The major objective of the study was to investigate the utilization of library resources for effective research output by post graduate ministerial students of Adventist University of Africa (AUA) in Babcock University. Findings revealed that the most frequently used library materials is the online database, dictionaries, books and encyclopedia which are used daily, while the least used material was CD-ROM database. Furthermore, respondents in this study affirmed that the available library resources have a very low impact on their respective research work. This influenced majority of the respondent’s level of satisfaction with the use of library information resources to be perceived low. A test of relationship among AUA posts graduate students accessibility and use of library resources in Babcock University was positive at P>0.01 significant level. In conclusion, bases on the result, Libraries in Nigerian universities should regularly evaluates the quality, adequacy, and use of their library's information resources and services in other to meet up with the quality of library services.

Keywords: Utilization, Adventist University of Africa, Library resources.


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