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Global Advanced Research Journal of Library, Information and Archival Studies (GARJLIAS)
September 2012 Vol. 1(1), pp 001-005
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Full Length Research Paper

How the presence of a technologically supported library influences high school students’reading habits and skills

Chuzaimah Dahlan Diem

Sriwijaya University


Accepted 22 August, 2012



The main objective of this study was to see the influence of four important factors of school libraries on students’ library visits, reading habit, and reading comprehension achievement based on gender and types of schools. Three hundred six students from 36 schools in South Sumatra were involved as sample of the study. Three instruments were used in this study. One questionnaire about the existence of the libraries was given to all the schools (12 schools of each type). Reading habit questionnaire and reading comprehension test were given to the students. The results show that the factors of school libraries(total) are significantly correlated with students’ library visits (p<0.000) and with reading comprehension achievement (p<0.01); the contributions of which are43% and 23.1% respectively. When students’ reading habit and reading comprehension achievement were compared in terms of gender and types of school, the results show that there is no significant difference in reading comprehension achievement between males and females (p<0.095). However, there is a significant difference in their reading attitude and habit (p<0.000).  This difference is strongly shown by those students from type B schools with girls having stronger attitude toward and habit of reading. The value of each finding of the study is discussed in relation to the development plan of both school libraries and literacy of the younger generation in South Sumatra. 

Keywords: school library; library visits; attitude toward reading; reading habit; reading achievement; gender.


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