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February 2023, 11(1): pp. 001-027

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Electronic Commerce adoption for Business Process Improvement: A case study of Blue Fountain Solution Nigeria

Osayuki E. Ehioghae

Accepted 11 February, 2023


The arrival of the internet has revolutionized how business is conducted in every part of the world. The speed and volume of access is a major area that has been impacted by this technology. However, many organizations in developing countries like Nigeria are yet to have a significant presence on the internet. This research project was conducted using Blue Fountain Solution Nigeria, (BFS) as a case study. The research was aimed at figuring out the bottlenecks transforming a brick-and-Mortar retail and wholesale business in Nigeria with minimal electronic processes, into a full, fledged e-commerce-centered business conducting a sizeable fraction of its transactions over the internet. The research study was aimed at helping the company decide if adopting electronic commerce was going to be beneficial to their organization. For this project, quantitative and qualitative data input, analysis, and interpretation were used. SWOT Analysis of the cost/benefit ratio was applied. Steps for implementing a business process improvement in Blue Fountain solutions were considered, accommodating the exceptional challenges thrown up by the Nigerian business terrain. As a result of the steps taken to evaluate the company, some findings that are unique to the business environment are presented in this paper. Although these findings are unique to Blue Fountain solutions in many regards, it is also obvious that companies operating in developing countries, with a desire to transition from brick-and-mortar to electronic operations might benefit from some of the solutions proffered in this work.


KeywordsProcess Improvement, Process redesign, change management, search engine optimization, database, process engineering, decision support system, Blue Fountain Solution, Business in Nigeria, intelligent system, data warehouse, Customer relationship management.

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