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September 2013 Vol. 2(4), pp. 075-078
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The new architecture of mosque design to express the modernity of Moslems

Yuke Ardhiati

Magister Design Program, Faculty of Fine Art and Design, Trisakti University of Jakarta Jl. Kyai Tapa No. 1 Grogol, Jakarta, Indonesia


Accepted 14 September, 2013


The new paradigm in the mosque’s design was invented to express the of ​​"architecture stage" as one new idea of contemporary Architecture, Art, and Culture. This idea is represented by the monumental and spectacular work of Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster in Mecca. On other side is the work of Ridwan Kamil in Indonesia, he created the ‘new architecture’ simple mosque design to express modernity of Moslem without the dome as the of building’s crown. The idea of ​​"architecture stage" is usually visualized by the Ruler through his ideology of his architectural work which is created by his architects. This study is based on Grounded Theory Research by Glaser and Strauss by way of phenomenological observations in both works. The result of this study reveals ‘new mosque architectural designs to express the modernity of Islam’ by way of unique processes having the qualities of architectural presence.

Keywords: Architecture stage, modernity of the moslem, new mosque architectural design.


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