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Effect of Antioxidant and Growth Hormones on Seedling Parameters of New and Aging Seed of Some Maize Hybrids

A.A. Kandil*, A.E. Sharief* and Marwa H.S. Ahmed **

*Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University, Egypt

** Central Administration for Seed certification (CASC), Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt.

*Corresponding Author's Email:

Accepted 20 March, 2019



To study the effect of antioxidants and growth hormones on seedling parameters of new and aging of some maize hybrid seed. A laboratory experiment conducted in the Giza Central Seed Testing Laboratory of Central Administration for Seed Certification, Ministry of Agriculture Egypt during May and June 2018, to investigate the response of seedling parameters to antioxidants, and growth hormones of new and aging of some maize hybrid seed. The result clearly indicated that seed produced in 2017 season recorded highest shoot and root length, shoot and root fresh weight, shoot and root dry weight, seedling vigor index, percentages of seedling height reduction and relative dry weight compared with those produced in 2016 season showed lowest values. The highest shoot and root length, shoot and root fresh weight, shoot and root dry weight and seedling vigor index was obtained from T.W.C. 310 hybrids, Followed by T.W.C 324 and T.W.C 323. Priming in Humic acid at 500 ppm, Ascorbic acid at 100 ppm, Folic acid at 15 mM and Salicylic acid at 100 ppm and H2O2 at 40 ppm significantly exceeded shoot and root length, shoot and root fresh weight, shoot and root dry weight, seedling vigor index, percentages of seedling height reduction and relative dry weight compared to the control treatment. The highest shoot and root length, shoot and root fresh weight, shoot and root dry weight, seedling vigor index, seedling height reduction and relative dry weight (%) were obtained from GA3 at 50 ppm compared with 0, and GA3 at 25 ppm. It could be concluded that for improving seedling characters of old and new maize season, it must be recommended that soaking TWC 310 hybrid in humic acid at 500 ppm and moisten by GA3 at concentration of 50 ppm.

Keywords: Maize hybrids, antioxidants, growth hormones, seedling characters.








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