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March 2015, 4(3): pp. 048-054

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Full Length Research Paper 

Effect of some teacher factors on the conduct of effective biology practical lesson

Shamsudeen Bello

Department of science education, Sokoto State University, Sokoto, Nigeria

Email:  or

Phone No. 08032890327

Accepted 16 March, 2015


The study focuses on the effects of some teacher factors on the conduct of effective biology practical lesson. The study answered two research questions. The population of the study comprised of 32 senior secondary schools with 93 biology teachers and 87,426 students. Twelve (12) secondary schools were randomly selected with 34 Biology teachers as sampled teachers. The study used an instrument titled Laboratory Equipment Utilisation Assessment Inventory (LEUAI) with reliability coefficient of 0.71. Data obtained from the field were analyzed using simple descriptive statistic of mean. The findings revealed that teacher qualification and experience affect his or her ability to use laboratory equipment in biology practical work. It is recommended that government and school proprietors should provide adequate laboratory equipment to their schools and also employ more qualified biology teachers. 

Keywords: Teacher Factors, Conduct, Effective Biology, Lesson, Schools, Laboratory.



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