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December 2016 Vol. 4(2), pp. 007-011
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Moderation of Ocular Markers of Oxidative Stress of Selenite-Induced Cataractous Pups by Boswellia dalzielii Hutch Extract

Divine A. Onobrudu*, Jude C. Ikewuchi and Eugene N. Onyeike

Institutional Affiliation: Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Port- Harcourt, P.M.B 5323, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

*Corresponding Author E-mail:

Accepted 27 December, 2016


The effect of Boswellia dalzielii Hutch extract on ocular markers of oxidative stress of selenite-induced cataractous pups was investigated in wistar rat pups. Nine groups of 5 pups each were used for the pharmacological studies. Group 1 received normal saline, groups 2 to 9 received 30 µmol/kg BW of sodium selenite. Eight days post administration of selenite, the opacity were determined with an ophthalmoscope and from these, the presence of cataract was established after which the treatment commenced and lasted for 28 days. The extract was administered at doses of 300 mg/kg body weight, 400 mg/kg 500 mg/kg, 600 mg/kg and 700 mg/kg to groups 5 to 9 respectively; groups 3 and 4 received 50 mg/kg each of vitamins C and A respectively; while groups 1 and 2 received water in place of the extract. Ocular antioxidative enzymes activities (Superoxide dismutase (SOD), Cata­lase (CAT), Glutathione peroxidase (GPx)) and reduced glutathione, ascorbic acid, malondialdehyde and total protein levels were estimated using standard methods. The extract in a dose dependent manner significantly (p<0.05) lowered ocular catalase activity. The extract improved the ocular concentration of reduced glutathione and total protein. Also obtained were non-significant decrease in ocular activities of glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, and levels of ascorbic acid. The overall experimental results indicate that Boswellia dalzielii Hutch leaf extract is a potential anti-oxidant modulator for the development of anti-cataract formulation.

Keywords: Boswellia dalzielii, Hutch, sodium selenite, cataract, ophthalmoscope, ocular anti-oxidative enzymes

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