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January 2018, 7(1): pp. 011-017

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Assessment of Day’s Methods for Critical Organs Doses Calculation of Breast Cancer Irradiation Compared with TLD

Mohammed A. Ali Omer1, 2

11College of Applied Medical Science, Department of Radiologic Technology, Qassim University, Buraidah-KSA, P. O. Box 6800. Postal code 51452

2College of Medical Radiologic Science, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Khartoum-Sudan

Corresponding Author Email:  ,   H.P. +966508037217

Accepted 03 January, 2018


The aim of this study was to assess the dose received by critical organs (eye, thyroid gland and the shoulder joint) in breast cancer irradiated patients using Day’s method technique and thermo-luminescence dosimeter TLD in addition to involved age group and cancer histological types. The study designed as experimental and retrospective study implies the location of critical organs, back scattered factor, source surface distance, patient’s ages and the histological cancer types. Excel data analysis revealed that: breast cancer has been observed among age groups of 18-23 and 24-29 years old and peaking at 30% among the age groups of 42-47 years old; the common histological types were ductal (57%), lobular (18%) and medullary (10%). The dose% received by critical organs decreased linearly and significantly (R2 = 0.6) by 5% cm-1, 1.3% cm-1 and 9.7% cm-1 (from supraclavicular) and 1.44% cm-1, 9.86% cm-1 and 1.83% cm-1 (from tangential field) respectively as the distance increase from the field boarder. Out of applied tumor dose (TD = 4500 cGy); the critical organs received: 36, 319.5 & 382.5 cGy (Day’s method- anterior supraclavicular) respectively and 58.5, 355.5 & 436.5 cGy (TLD method). And from tangential field they received 13.5, 58.5 & 103 cGy (Day’s method) and 27, 99 & 135 cGy (TLD method). Day’s method generally showed only 0.6% less differs compared to TLD measurement.

Keywords: Breast; Radiotherapy; Critical organs; Day’s calculation; TLD

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